Research and Insights

SPRC has extensive knowledge and experience interpreting data and making it accessible for a variety of community members.
Our publications generally fit in the following areas:

Publication Categories

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Community Data

Data drives transformation and is the foundation of developing policy and enacting change, highlighting gaps, inequities and opportunities. SPRC Hamilton has a unique offering to the community and our partners in its specialized data research, collection and analysis.

  • Geographic Information Service: mapping custom data including service locations, client information and demographic trends.
  • Research: providing data and analysis on social trends and issues in our community.
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Poverty Reduction
and Elimination

Poverty elimination is the foundation of a healthy and caring society, where everyone has an opportunity to sustain themselves and participate in community life. We believe no one in Hamilton should be fighting to survive or unable to provide their basic costs of living.

We focus on two main strategies:

  • Research about the current state of poverty in Hamilton.
  • Community organizing and education for action to reduce poverty.
Two women look at each other and smile as they hold their two sons.

Healthy Development
of Children and Families

We’re ensuring Hamilton is a community where families grow and thrive. We support programs and initiatives that nurture children, support youth, and strengthen families, particularly those rooted in the social determinants of health.

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Housing and Homelessness

Hamilton should feel like home. Working with community partners, SPRC Hamilton collaborates on community development projects to increase and improve the availability of affordable housing, and to reduce and mitigate the experience of homelessness.

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Equity and Inclusion

Our equity and inclusion projects aim to make Hamilton a safer, more caring and equitable community for all residents.

Thousands of Hamiltonians face stigma, discrimination, and hate in our community because of their background, identity, and/or status. Our work honours, supports and expands voices of lived experience to build community and expand the power of belonging.