The Profile of North Hamilton outlines the area’s trends and conditions, emphasizing critical issues for both the Compass Health Centre Board of Directors and the broader community. It includes community demographics, socio-economic data such as income, housing, education, health outcomes, and the community context—key elements that will assist Compass’ board in formulating its agenda and establishing a basis for strategic planning.

The profile highlights include a modest increase in income levels, shifting demographics, particularly among older people, a higher proportion of children than the city average, notable health disparities, and an ongoing demand for affordable housing.

The profile portrays a resilient community that is confronting challenges and is on the cusp of opportunities. The report’s statistics and analysis not only shed light on the neighbourhood but also provide essential insights for Compass’ governance and program planning decisions.

Full Report (PDF)

Community Partner: Compass Community Health Centre

Photo by Andre Portolesi on Unsplash