Poverty Reduction And Elimination

in government tax benefits and refunds for Hamiltonians living on a low income achieved through SPRC Hamilton’s Financial Empowerment and Problem Solving Program (fiscal year 2021/2022)

At SPRC Hamilton, we believe no one should be fighting to survive or unable to provide their basic costs of living. Much of our research focusses on measuring poverty in our community as well as examining policies and solutions that reduce poverty.

We focus our efforts on two main strategies:

  • Research about the current state of poverty in Hamilton
  • Community organizing and education for action to reduce poverty

SPRC Hamilton participates in:

Hamilton Living Wage 2022

Hamilton Living Wage 2022

It's Living Wage Week 2022 and Hamilton's new living wage is $19.05. A new report from the Ontario Living Wage Network was released on Monday that suggests hourly wages required to live in Ontario...

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