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Neighbour to Neighbour’s Hamilton Community Food Centre Community Garden in Captain Cornelius Park Community Consultation Report

Aug 16, 2017 | All Publication, Poverty Reduction and Elimination

Published: August 2017
The Hamilton Community Food Centre (HCFC), a project of Neighbour to Neighbour, has secured funding for a community garden in Captain Cornelius Park, both of which are located in the neighbourhood of Rolston. A community garden had been identified as a need and desire by Rolston community members during community consultations that took place in 2016. HCFC engaged the Social Planning and Research Council of Hamilton (SPRC) to facilitate five community consultations prior to the construction of the garden scheduled for October of 2017. The consultations gathered input from participants at Hamilton Community Food Centre programs in order to identify deliverables and design details of a garden that will respond to community needs. Consultations were completed by August 24, 2017. Approximately 85 community members of all ages offered their input during these consultations. Respondents were generally looking forward to enjoying the garden, volunteering, having their children learn about gardening, and having a new opportunity to meet other community members.

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