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Hamilton’s Rental Landscape: Trends In Hamilton’s Rental Stock

Jan 16, 2020 | All Publication, Community Data, Housing and Homelessness

Lack of new builds or reinvestment into aging rental stock in Hamilton has led to more and more tenants living in substandard housing. The Canadian Census asks renters and homeowners if their housing is in need of regular maintenance, minor repairs or major repairs. While this is a subjective assessment (and in the case of renters, only gives limited insight into the building’s state of repair as few renters have information about the condition of heating or electrical systems, foundations or building envelopes), it is the only data source for information about housing quality at the city level. Hamilton’s rates of disrepair for building types are higher than the Ontario average – more than 5,000 of Hamilton’s rental units in apartment buildings are in need of major repair.

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