Incomes and Poverty in Hamilton, released in 2004, reflected to the city the stark situation 20% of residents were facing and that had been for too long ignored, and brought needed attention to this vital issue.

There are enough people living in poverty in Hamilton to fill Copps Coliseum five times. According to Statistics Canada, almost 20% or 95,370 of Hamilton residents are living on incomes below the poverty line. This includes almost 25% of all children under the age of twelve.

— From report introduction

The report includes a 4 page colour Executive Summary, and a longer detailed report. The report included the first maps of poverty by census tracts available for Hamilton, which showed how poverty rates were very high in many neighbourhoods in the lower city.

This report was a catalyst for more attention and initiatives to reduce poverty in Hamilton, including the creation of the Hamilton Roundtable for Poverty Reduction in 2005.

Fifteen years later, in 2019, the SPRC released Don’t Stop Now! Progress in Poverty Reduction: Analysis from Hamilton and Ontario, 1996-2016, which summarized the policies, local actions, and economic conditions that helped reduce poverty rates to 16.6%, but still accounted for close to 90,000 persons across the city.

Links to the reports from the SPRC’s archives: