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Dundas Asset Mapping: Community Profile And Community Services And Programming For Older Adults And Youth

May 18, 2017 | All Publication

Tags: Data

This report was commissioned by the Hamilton Family Health team as part of efforts to better understand the Dundas community and to help inform potential projects that will better integrate community services and primary health care with the goal of improving population health, specifically for youth and older adults in Dundas.

Dundas is perceived as an engaged and friendly small-town community that is safe and cares for its members. Community leaders reflected on the many assets of Dundas, such as numerous faith groups and environmentally-conscious residents. Meetings with leaders of services and programs in Dundas, including schools, faith groups, doctors, child, youth, and senior services, highlighted some challenges that their programs and clients face. Gaps identified included transportation, affordability, and catered programming that will be discussed in this report.

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