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Annual Impact Report 2022-2023

Jun 22, 2023 | All Publication

We are pleased to share some of our accomplishments over the past year in our 2022/2023 Annual Impact Report. A highlight of the year was the SPRC brand receiving a fresh new look which reflects a revitalized image and purpose for SPRC Hamilton. Our dedication to community development is strengthened by our collaborations with McMaster University, Empowerment Squared, Coalition of Hamilton Indigenous Leaders (CHIL), Hamilton Community Benefits Network (HCBN), and many other forward thinking organizations. The report also shares some amazing statistics. For example, did you know that through the Financial Empowerment Program, tax filing services were provided to 1,421 people in accessing a total of $7,670,884 in benefits and refunds?

For all of this and more great overviews, click here to read the entire report.