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Annual Impact Report – 2018-2019

Jun 14, 2019 | All Publication

Published: June 2019

In addition to our ongoing programs and collaborations, we have developed
new partnerships designed to increase capacity in the community. This year
we built upon our legal education stream with a new project funded by the
Law Foundation of Ontario, in which we have partnered with the Immigrants
Working Centre and Legal Aid Ontario to initiate the Family Learning Project.
This project aims to help new Canadian families adjust to the legal implications
of parenting in an Ontario context, particularly in reference to the child
welfare system. Legal information sessions form the basis of these programs
which are offered to both service providers and immigrant families.

Social justice and social planning and research are about creating
opportunities for positive change, enabling all members of society to
participate and enjoy the benefits of a healthy community. As you’ll see in this
report, the Financial Empowerment Project, which began in our last fiscal year,
has created tremendous impact for families and individuals with low to
moderate incomes, by helping them access tax benefits that would have
otherwise gone unclaimed.

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